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Certified Christian Life Breakthrough Coach
Certified Language Mastery Practitioner
Certified Meditation and Breathwork Specialist
Trained in Strategic Intervention Coaching
Christian Meditation Academy was formed to help Christian Believers, who continue to struggle with the sinful nature to be truly transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Studies show that Christians are just as prone as the world to stress, anxiety, addictions, destructive habits, negative patterns of thinking, depression, sexual fornication, adultery and self-centered thinking.

If we take a real honest look at Christianity, a large majority of believers are not taking the time to read or study the Bible, nor are they strong enough spiritually to pray effectively. Many I've discovered have been so disillusioned with Christianity that they've left it to experience a richer spiritual life through Eastern spiritual practices and the new age movement.

Christian Meditation Academy is a new school that takes the most powerful natural practices of meditation and breathing and coaches Christians into having the most incredible spiritual experiences with the Holy Spirit. Not only is it Biblically based, but it's also backed up by science, not that we need science since we live by faith, but it’s nice to know that the results are tangible.

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Wally in 1977
Wally Zambrano in the Army 1978

This is my story; I was born and raised in the streets of Chicago during the 60's and 70's. It was a time when drugs, sex and rock and roll was the new social norm. Events like the Kennedy's being assassinated, Martin Luther King being taken out, the mass protests against the Vietnam war and horrific racial tensions had tarnished my innocent view of the world. None the less after graduating High School,

I joined the U.S Army as a combat engineer and thrust myself into the new volunteer Army. I suddenly found myself surrounded by pissed off Vietnam veterans, low retention rates and soldiers that engaged more in mind altering drugs with cases of alcohol and tons of pornography then being interested in national security. Even though I had learned discipline and leadership skills in the Army, the seeds planted within me had sprouted very nasty dirty weeds and after three years I was back on the streets of Chicago.

The only thing tying me to any form of spirituality in those days was my mom and my fantastic grandmother who dedicated over 70 years of her life serving the Catholic Church in Puerto Rico. As a typical Catholic, I would dash into the confessional on Saturday to try and feel clean and Holy for the week and impatiently attend church on Sundays because that’s what a good Catholic boy did.
At the age of 24 I attended film school at Columbia College in Chicago with the dream to be a big Hollywood filmmaker someday. During that time I was struck with that spiritual journey syndrome so many people go through at some point in their life; the calling came for me. So, one day while strolling through the Chicago public library I discovered some cool looking books with crazy designs and figures of gods and enlightened beings of light. These books stood for spiritual transformation, finding one's self, the mind of Zen and much more. As I opened the books, I was captivated by the profound language of self-discovery and forever I was drawn into the world of spiritual meditation.

My passion for this stuff was so intense I spent hours and hours, months and months of intense reading and studying. I learned about the ego, the spiritual being within, and the heart center. I discovered karma and the chakra system and how to utilize one to smash the other. I was just blown away by the teachings about stilling the mind, deep breathing, focused attention, self-control, being in a state of peace and love and most of all being in the present moment.
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After absorbing all the material on meditation that I could, I wholeheartedly committed myself to six months of intense meditative practice. In the course of those six months, I spent approximately 5 to 6 hours a day in meditation utilizing every possible moment to gain spiritual enlightenment. I would do it in the early morning, before school, after school, on the train to work, during lunch, on my breaks whenever and wherever I could. On the weekends, I would actually spend five to six hours on my living room floor meditating non-stop.

Of course to not dishonor my grandma's legacy, I kept the Bible on my lap and I would read verses and occasionally focus my mind on the passages. Reflecting back on those moments, I really had no clue what the Bible was really about: that really saddens me. However, what transpired during those hours and hours of daily meditation at the end of the six months was actually amazing. Now let’s just clarify that I’m not promoting that Eastern meditation nor the new age movement Is a viable vehicle towards salvation. I took that path because although I didn’t know Jesus as my Lord and Savior, He was there teaching me and laying everything out. He had a mission for me and that was to bust into the mystical arts and retrieve what truly is His in its purest form. Since then I’ve made some important discoveries that the Holy Spirit has relinquished to me to convey to you
During those six months of meditation, I went through an incredible transformation that I could never imagine. When Jesus talks about the renewing of the mind and walking in the spirit; I was there. Those filthy nasty roots I had were pulled out of my life and burned to a crisp. My entire perspective of life had been transformed into a state of patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. (Sound familiar?) Everywhere I walked I felt the presence of Almighty God all around me and in me. The flow of a Holy life vibrated through my entire being, sinful thoughts had been entirely eradicated from within me and I was on an incredible spiritual high.

Thinking you’d be happy with walking on water, the Garden of Eden syndrome hit me. Since I didn’t know the gospel of Jesus Christ at that time, I ended up coming to a crossroad where I had to make an important decision. I felt so incredibly pure inside that my youthful cravings for sexual gratification had evaporated and that worried me. My inner being told me that I needed to prepare to meet my wife, start my career, get married, have a house and raise great kids. I had to decide; monk or return to the rat race.

Of course, I had a simple solution to this problem. I would just slow down my meditation practice, dip my feet back into the world and find that happy medium between the world and the heavens. This would entail attracting the woman of my dreams and bring her back up with me into the Garden of Eden; simple plan. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I ended up finding a girl who was a heavy duty rock and roll party animal and I quickly went back to my fleshly ways. However, that spiritual journey and the results of my practice were imprinted within my inner being for the rest of my life.




I ended up signing up for the Army National Guard to pay off my film school bills that were piling up on me. I returned from Ft. Benning as an Airborne Infantryman for the Governor of Illinois. I also did eventually marry, have kids and start an amazing career in the television business, but most importantly I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. To discover that he was more than an energy source, to find out that He was a loving God, that I could actually have a deep personal relationship with was amazing to me.

Those first few years were years of absorbing the word of God, at church, at home and even better I ended up working for A Christian Television network and now I was getting spiritually fed eight hours a day five days a week; talk about being blessed with the Word.

As the years went by of course complacency set in. I moved up the ranks and went from a camera operator to a producer/director of all our television shows. I received Emmy nominations for best producer/director, making great money, wining and dining like there was no tomorrow. Of course without maintaining spiritual awareness the weeds of sin starting springing out within me . My spiritual life began to wean. My mind was absorbed in things that were ungodly, I found myself not really listening to the Word of God anymore, it just became a typical career, with typical church and typical prayer.

My Christian walk had somehow plummeted. How could it be? What was missing? Deep within myself I still remembered those days when I was practicing meditation and the profound effect it had on me spiritually. I knew exactly what Paul meant when he told us to walk in the spirit; I had experienced that and I wanted it back. So, I decided to go back and start the practice of meditation and integrate it into my Christian faith. The problem right off the bat was time. I sure didn’t have five or six hours a day to do meditation and now I was faced with all the teachings that were now evident to me and contrary to my Christian belief.

The idea of using chakras, the kabbalistic tree of life, or the kundalini serpent snake didn’t sit well with me. Also, to them God was not a personal God, he was an energy source of power and salvation camer through our own efforts and not as a gift from God.

Granted they consider that power to be love, but still it was very short to what the Bible declares He is. So, I knew that I had to take the practice of meditation and sift through it with the guidance of the Holy Spirit until it was exactly how God had intended it to be. For my research, I dug through tons of old books just like before and even though the internet was alive, it was still in its beginning stages at that time and really of no help.  There were a few Christian mystics that I found, but looking at what they were teaching I knew that it wouldn’t be accepted by the Christian community. So I spent years trying to filter out all the bad stuff myself and put together a dynamic meditation program for myself.
Then everything changed in 2003, the U.S was still dealing with world trade center attacks. I had already been deployed once with the Army to Kosovo and now I was called up again and launched into combat in Iraq.

The deployment was rough for me because I was the part of the senior leadership. As First Sargeant I handled all my soldier’s health and welfare needs and that responsibility alone was a huge stress factor.

Before we entered Iraq, we spent a few weeks in a camp in the desert of Kuwait. It was there that I encountered the mystery that to this day baffles me. I was in the command tent cleaning up the room after a briefing we had just completed. As I approached the table area where the commander had sat, just a few minutes prior, I felt a something like a vapor infiltrate my mouth, shoot down my throat and into my lungs. I began choking and gasped for air while trying to vomit out whatever it was that entered. I ran out of the tent hoping the fresh dry air would help. It took me a few moments to spit out whatever it was and get my wits back together.

You’d think that I’d open up the tent and try to air it out after that episode. Nope, like a dope I went back in and attempted to figure out what it was that attacked me. I had inhaled sand from the storms before and this, this was very different. I walked around the room trying to see if there were particles floating in space around the table, but there was nothing. I gradually made my way around the table til I once again reached the area where the commander had sat; BAM it happened again. Something forced its way into my mouth down my throat and into my lungs. This time I fell to the floor and crawled desperately outside. I heaved and vomited profusely, but the damage had been done this time. It felt like I had charred glass stuck in my throat and it hurt badly.

You’d think that someone in that condition would have the sense to go to the medical clinic and get checked out, but no I couldn’t do that. I knew I’d get shipped to Germany and get laid out for weeks. I had such a commitment to my soldiers and the mission that I didn’t want to leave them. So I stuck it out.

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Ft Apache 110

Christian LIfe Coach Wally Zambrano


I didn’t seek medical treatment, I was relying on God to heal me and pull me through this ordeal. I would anguish through the night as any attempt for me to lie down and sleep was swiftly met by choking, coughing and severe anxiety attacks. The only way I survived mentally, physically and spiritually as I watched the sunset and then rise was worshipping my glorious Father in heaven. I had my trusty CD player and I burned the batteries with great songs from D.C Talk, Rebecca St. James and my all time favorite and thank God for his music was Michael W. Smith. His live CD was the cornerstone of my survival.

Now in Iraq with unexpected hostilities around including our higher regular Army headquarters who hated National Guardsmen I was finding it hard to manage my life. It was day seventeen for me and I had not slept at all. The Holy Spirit was holding me together and helping me go through a vicious process. Then after a meeting I staggered into my room ad it happened; a spiritual attack like none other in my life hit.

I suddenly hear voices telling me that I’m going to die, that I will not survive, that my family will go through life without me, and that its time to end it. What was frightening to me was that the voice was not my inner voice. It was a different voice that was from outside. On and on the voice went, tormenting me ensuring me that this was the end. To add to that problem, my hands start to tremble uncontrollably. I mean I was actually losing complete control of my body and that really freaked me out. I cried out to God and begged Him to help me. Was this the way he was going to heal me? I accused Him of failing me because His Word promised that we will never go through trials that we could not handle, and this I couldn’t handle. I was at the typing point of insanity and having a complete nervous breakdown. Like a helpless little child, I threw myself on my cot and cried.

I was done, finished at the end of my rope. My body was in convulsions now and I looked like someone getting electrical shock treatment. I prayed my last prayer to God when suddenly within all the madness I heard a soft voice within myself tell me. “ Waldemar… just breathe…” I was perplexed by this voice. Just Breathe? Are you kidding? The voice spoke again. “Waldemar, just breathe…” I didn’t understand why the voice was telling me this and it was interesting to note that it was using my full name and not my nickname. Not sure why but I thought I’d bring it up, but it was interesting.

I took a quick moment and scanned my body and noticed that my breathing was extremely shallow and my chest was rock hard. So I took a slow deep relaxing breath. When I took that slow deep relaxing breath a powerful, painful electrical jolt shot through my body. It felt like I had stuck my finger in an electrical socket while bathing in a tub; it hurt a lot.

My body ejected itself from my cot and I found myself on the floor withering in pain. Then I thought to myself; “my God, my nervous system is completely fried.” But now I had hope.

I dragged myself back onto the cot and repeated another slow deep relaxing breath and once again a painful bolt of lightning shot through my body. This time I remained on my cot and withstood the pain. I was sure that God was helping me out after all and leading me into His peace. I continued to take slow deep breaths until I was able to sustain a pattern of deep breathing after a few moments and then it happened; I fell asleep.
I gradually recovered from whatever it was that entered my lungs, with God’s healing power and a meditation practice that lasted a few weeks.

When I finally made it back home things were not easy, I had to deal with the aftermath of being deployed in Iraq. At first marital life was good, but then the battle in Iraq became a battle in my head and that took a painful toll on my marriage that was impossible to recover from. My career at the television station was never really the same and as much as I tried to get back into it, I was sliding down a slippery slope again. After a few years of financial woes, the station had to let go of the majority of the production team: myself included. My mission in life had been terminated and I didn’t know what to do with my life.

Devastated by a combination of events I plummeted deeper into the darkness of the valley. Bible reading, praying, worshipping it seemed so temporal. I know that the word of God is life and power, but something within me was rejecting it. My financial situation was crumbling before me, so I got on my knees and prayed to God for help. I began to incorporate breathing meditation to get my stress levels down. I remembered the impact meditation had on me as a youth so I began the practice again. I couldn’t afford to spend five to six hours a day like before, but the little I could do helped my stress and anxiety levels. I noticed my head clearing, my sense of worth returning. Through my military background I was able to secure a position with Homeland security at one of the largest airports in the country.

Now that I was settling back into life I was determined to put together a dynamic meditation program that would help me fully recover, and get my spiritual life back on track. I received my meditation certification which required hours of meditation practice, but it was worth it. It was a meditation that was not tied to any religion, just pure mindfulness. I began to study breathwork, because of its powerful impact on people with PTSD and other stress related ailments. I noticed that breathwork combined with meditation really turbocharged the effects of spiritual awareness. It was like taking five hours of meditation and packing it into a one-hour session: so cool!!
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Next I began to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit, the most important teacher we have in our spiritual walk. Through the stillness of the mind and heart, the Holy Spirit emerges from within and begins to transform your life in a powerful way. From within you experience surrendering to the power of God because it’s an active practice you are engaged into.

One thing to note is that the breathwork actually acts like an accelerant. Since it isn’t feasible for us to meditate for five hours a day like I did back in college, one hour of breathwork combined with meditation really creates a renewal of the mind that will transform your spiritual life fast.

Just like a dedicated military soldier I’ve followed the orders of my commander Jesus Christ. I’ve gone back and retrieved an ancient spiritual practice that originated with Him but was stolen by that devious deceiver Satan. Are you ready to experience an amazing renewal of the mind with me?

When you attend my workshops, you’ll find yourself in a Holy Spirit-filled environment where you can learn to still that busy mind of yours and surrender entirely to the power of the Holy Spirit. I’ve been doing it for over a decade now and it has transformed my life.

Peace and Blessings

Wally Zambrano
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