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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • Is this meditation safe for me?
  • Absolutely! We've removed all of the Eastern and New Age distortions of truth and placed the Holy Spirit in the center of all meditations. No chakras, no yoga poses, no mantras to false gods. Nada.
  • Doe it replace prayer?
  • Never, prayer is direct communication from you to God and is the primary weapon of spiritual warfare. Meditation is direct communication for God to you. It is a practice that strengthens your spiritual life by removing sinful patterns that disrupt your flow with God.
  • Am I emptying the mind and giving dark forces the opportunity to come in?
  • We believe that most people tend to empty their minds when they watch television or surf the internet. In meditation we focus and concentrate on the breath which is connected to the spirit within us. Stilling the mind in order to flush out all the sinful trash that flows through our head takes self-control and mental strength. No empty mind here.
  • Am I going into an altered state of consciousness?
  • When doing Christian meditation you are gaining a clear conscious not an altered one. We consider an altered state of consciousness as being angry, frustrated, fearful, depressed. Any state that is not of God is considered an altered state.

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